Like a Glove

“If they had had facing windows things might have been different. They might have fallen in love. He would watch her brush her hair, she would watch him lifting weights . . . and before it was possible for her mother to intervene, they’d already be together. If only their windows had faced each other’s.”

This story (my longest excerpt) plays between French and English in the same nonchalant way that bilingual Francophone seems to flip back and forth in Canada. My mother is Quebecoise and while growing up, she says, Montreal was chalk full of English people. Bilingualism is in no way what this story is about, but it’s a fun aspect of the narrative. This story is once again womancentric – a word I’ve just invented meaning focused on women – and explores a little 1960s teenage rebellion gone wrong. Naughty stuff. 😉

Read it here: Like a glove, by me – Catherine Brunelle

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