MRI and the Dizzy Dye

“I just knew that corn cake with peanut butter was a bad idea before walking over to the hospital.”

Writing takes all shapes and forms – but the quickest, most direct way to write (if not counting twitter and facebook, which can actually be rather challenging considering the limitation of space) is through a BLOG. Here is a sample of my ‘write-like-I-talk’ style. It’s chatty and easily read. Click here: MRI and the dizzy dye

Have fun! *Warning, there is a tad bit of barf in this excerpt, so if you have a very weak stomach, please beware.

2 Responses “MRI and the Dizzy Dye” →
  1. Hi there!
    Many people have told me that I “write-like-I-talk” and because of that they love reading my stuff! I don’t really have a style – I just write… Sometimes when I go back and re-read what I wrote – I have to make multiple corrections because it just didn’t make sense!

    • Tell me about it. My word is riddled with errors due to flying fingers. It’s more of a conversation with the keyboard than any kind of ‘writing process’. Good for authenticity, bad for spelling.

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