My Curriculum Vitae

Right, I’ve summarized my past writing experience plus the support work I’ve done (goodness knows it’s a fantastic thing, helping others). But because this page is mine, and I want to brighten your day, there’s a kick-ass video at the start of this CV for your entertainment. So please: read the CV, reflect on the writing, and watch the video!

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Catherine Brunelle’s CV


“I love to write, communicate and take pride in a finished product. It is my objective to work within a field where my talents are utilized, and I can proactively contribute to the success of a team. Opportunities to grow and learn are highly welcomed.”



MA Creative Writing, University of Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom

October, 2007 – September, 2008

BA Highest Honours, Psychology, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

September, 2001 – June, 2005


Writing experience:

Active Blogger ranging from May 2010 – Present: Ottawa Writer’s Festival, Facing Cancer Together,,

  • Write online reviews for both literary events and newly released literature.
  • Work within a team of writers, being flexible in availability and assignments.
  • Work with editor to ensure readable, high-quality copy.
  • Target my writing to connect with the reading audience.
  • Generate and edit material independently.
  • Connect and grow community through forums, blogs and twitter.
  • Meet submission deadlines.

Freelance writing and editing 2008 – Present

  • Lead editor and typesetter for the University of Southampton, MA creative writing 2008 anthology, Unwrapped, published through Torque Press, ISBN 9781906851033
  • Typesetter for the University of Southampton, MA creative writing 2009 anthology, Losing the Plot, published through Torque Press, ISBN 9781906851033
  • Contributor to September, 2011 Glow Magazine health section, “Body, Mind, and Spirit”

Copywriter, Awakening Potentials Inc., 2007- 2010

  • Create content, newsletters, sale pages, and blogs for internet marketing.
  • Focus on concise presentation of ideas, with appropriate and professional language.
  • Continue learning through the observation and incorporation of others’ techniques.
  • Contributed to the following pages: Landing Page, Coaching PageWake Up


 Administrative/Support experience:

Library Assistant, University of Southampton, November 2009 – June 2011

  • Exchanged with the public daily; students and staff were first priority.
  • Multi-tasked between front desk obligations, digitizing, cataloguing and general library duties.
  • Maintained and referred to multiple databases; tracking work, recording archived material, and referencing outside databases such as the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA).
  • Worked under strict time deadlines when digitizing course material for a new semester. This involved prioritizing requests from the teaching staff, addressing ‘last minute’ concerns, and providing updates on progress.
  • Provided excellent customer service. Visitors to the library were treated with respect and made to feel welcome. Complaints were addressed calmly, and needs thoroughly understood before acted upon.
  • Communicated professionally through writing, in-person exchanges, and on the phone with members of staff at all levels, students and public alike.

Learning Support Assistant, Ancillary Learning Service, University of Southampton, February 2007- June 2010

  • Supported differently-abled students in their personal and scholarly needs at the university, for example: note taking, peer support, giving physical assistance, etc.
  • Maintained confidentiality at all times.
  • Wrote clear and concise notes despite lack of familiarity with the varying taught courses.
  • Balanced personal relationships with a professional approach to support; responsibilities were adjusted according to the student’s specific needs.
  • Employed an ability to think quickly and remain flexible in my work environment.

Administration and International Collection, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, October 2007- August 2007

  • Worked as sole administrative assistant for the collections department of PWC, Southampton.
  • Received, recorded and distributed post.
  • Multi-tasked between general office duties (faxing, mail, etc.) and collection duties.
  • Exchanged with staff at all levels including partners, managers, agents, and assistants.
  • Maintained a positive and constructive relationship with PWCs agents around the world while collecting outstanding invoices from previous PWC collaborations.
  • Worked under daily deadlines and pressure, adjusting priorities as required.
  • Created an Excel database of administration & bankruptcy cases, making it possible to send huge amounts of written correspondence into storage.
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  1. Catherine D.

    March 3, 2011

    What a LOVELY site Catherine! couldn’t have picked a better video for you cv section…in no time you’ll have the page covered with your own Bronte-esque exploits : )


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