My community

This group hug represents some of the talent with whom I’ve been privileged to meet/work. They are fantastic, and worth more than passing notice. Check it out . . .

This breast cancer awareness project is funded by a highly talented photojournalist who is breaking barriers in Lebanon. “One Wig Stand is an awareness project that shares the stories of women battling breast cancer in Lebanon. With each wig the wig stand puts on, another woman’s story is told and so on. Our goal is to build a support network among these women and slowly eliminate the taboo of cancer patients in our society. Help us reach more women by spreading the word about this project.” (Text taken from the ‘About’ page on One Wig Stand)

Ian Kirkpatrick – contemporary artist and graphic designer –  is a fellow Canadian now living in England. His talent produced the cover design for Unwrapped. We were lucky to get him, his work has been exploding across the Southampton art scene. “Ian Kirkpatrick is a Canadian contemporary artist and graphic designer currently based in Southampton, UK.  His fine art has been exhibited at several UK galleries since 2008, and is  in the permanent collections of the University of Southampton, and Solent University.” (Text taken from Bio page of

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