Getting Involved

I love to write, and I love the writing community. Who says this has to be a lonely world? Not me, and if you look online or in your area – not you either! There’s lots happening, and if there isn’t, then maybe it’s time to make something happen. Here is a taste of the action. Why? Because getting involved is cool.

Latest endeavours:


My username is Bumpboobs, and I’m a twitter newbie. Apparently I can create communities and join discussions through twitter, thus bringing new writing connections into my life. Actually, it’s already started to work. I learned of through Twitter, which resulted in my becoming a blogger for the page. Next up I’m hoping to master this ‘Follow Friday’ and ‘#conversationtags’. I guess it’s the only way to be noticed, and when you are a writer who actually wants to live off the effort, getting noticed would be a good thing.


I love love love my writing group. We meet every month and one of the hardest bits of moving from England is having to leave these people behind. Each month we email two thousand words or less to one another, and have everything read and commented upon before meeting. Then we go through each other’s work and offer critiques, advice, praise, suggestions – whatever. It’s fantastic. So productive and inspiring. Two of the members recently attended a ‘Get Published’ course, and came back tooting the benefits of a webpage. Hence, my webpage. It’s really great to be surrounded by like minded people who believe in your dream.


The MA in creative writing emphasized reading in public. At first it was terrifying – but only at first. It’s my philosophy that the more we do something, the easier it becomes, and that was certainly the case for public readings. It has been a while since I’ve read in public, but some friends and I are thinking of hitting up the Portsmouth Writeinvite evening, so it could be another chance to go red in the face. All for the sake of pushing your limits – and getting over that chronic shyness that so many writers seem to have (I’m guilty of this, but strive to beat the habit).

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