Contributions and Publications

Involvement is a good thing. Doors open, connections form, and projects grow.

While writing, editing, and typesetting are deep passions, I also love ‘getting out there’ while working with the ideas of others and connecting beyond the computer screen.

Check out these projects to get a sense of my progress thus far. Frankly, I’m hoping to one day fill this page with lists of contributions, fairs, events, products, campaigns and – above all – novels that I’ve helped grow. In the words of my father, that would be “like, so totally awesome.”

If you like my style and want to get in touch, please email me at

Here come the links:

Bumpyboobs – my blog, currently about breast cancer, and soon to be about everything else. – I blog for this great site that supports patients with cancer. It’s about getting on with your life.

Unwrapped – an anthology where I was editor, typesetter, and of course, contributor.

Copywriting – because a writer needs to work! It’s incredible what can be conjured with a few words.

Ottawa Writers’s Festival – what a fantastic community of like-minded people just wanting to dig in. This was huge fun, and so interesting to attend.

Local Tourist Ottawa – a fun blog that treats Ottawa like a full-time holiday adventure. Think the city is boring? Then you need to read this blog. I’ve just joined as a contributor.

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