Taking a risk

Posted on June 8, 2012

Okay, so for the Goin Writing Challenge, we’re encouraged to share something on our blog we’d normally never share.

I’m not going to flash my butt or reveal some deep secret (cause I do much of that already at my Bumpyboobs blog, minus the butt flashing), but I will share a story that I occasionally play with and never take seriously. It’s just for me and my husband really, on nights when I feel like making up a story. He listens and I talk until I’m tired, and then we fall to sleep. This guy is a product of that late-night rambling.

Anyhow – here is a PDF link to one of my Little Zsolti stories. Truth is this isn’t such a BIG risk because at my Catherine Brunelle blog I only have a few readers. But it’s a start.

In the meanwhile, enjoy! (it’s quite simple, and aimed at a younger crowd)

Little Zsolti’s Conversation with No One