Writer’s Challenge

Posted on June 6, 2012

Hi, I’ve decided to participate in this writer’s challenge set up by Jeff Goins on his page, http://goinswriter.com/

Frankly, I need a kick in the butt – because while it’s awesome writing content for other people (Speaking of which, I’m well pleased with my latest post on a particular page. Working with a client in creating their story feels really darn good, espicially when the results are exactly what they hoped.), it’s even BETTER writing fiction for myself.

Oh fiction, you beautiful intangible thing. Why is it you make me feel so good? I blame it on the creator’s high, which is this consuming light-headed-space feeling that happens while getting creative. I feel this when cooking, drawing, writing or reupholstering the kitchen chairs. It’s a good thing, and I know when that feeling starts to flow my writing will be good.

Anyhow. Right – the writer’s challenge. Some might be posted on here, others on my Bumpyboobs Blog, others on my Facebook page and still more on my Twitter. That’s right – I’ve got options. But the best stuff will go on here since this is my official “Catherine is a writer” page.

Speaking of which, challenge #1: declare you are a writer. Well, I’ve said it to the tax man and I’ll say it to you right now: I am a writer, baby! Wooohooo! That wasn’t hard at all. But . . . oh my God. I just looked at the next challenge (because I’m two days behind, so this is me catching up).

Challenge #2: Get up 2 hours early and write. Frack. FRACK. Sweet slumber. Frack. Okay, okay! Okay. Get up early and write. I’ll aim for 7 am, but cannot promise anything. Maybe that ‘still asleep’ space will open my brain to possibilities? We’ll see.  Damn it, and I thought this challenge started off real easy. Well, see you here at 7 am tomorrow (except that I’m not allowed to check any emails, blogs, etc . . . so really, see you 2 hours after I get up).

Here’s to the challenge! And to sleeping in on weekends!