Virtual Cocktails

Posted on May 2, 2012

Writing, writing everywhere and not a drop to drink. It’s been busy! With my ghost writing, social mediating and this past weekend Ottawa International Writers Festival (Spring edition), my fingers have been kept quite busy. Unfortunately, my novel-writing is suspended in time and space at the 9th and final section, making little progress. But hopefully that changes very soon.  I’m working toward it.

And in the meanwhile, the festival was fun as always, though I only attended two events. One event revolved around the future of self-tracking and virtual worlds. The other revolved around erotic fiction and was held in a Sex Shop called Venus Envy . . . so, that in itself promised a great night.

Reviews of the events (written by yours truly) can be found below:

Big ideas in the Virtual World, by Catherine Brunelle

And Cocktails with CockTales, by Catherine Brunelle

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