Writer’s rush

Posted on April 3, 2012

Excited by the excitement! Last week I flew down to Toronto to participate in a photo shoot for Look Good Feel Better’s 20th anniversary magazine, Lives Affected by Cancer. The vision for the magazine is gorgeous (from what I’ve seen and heard), and I’m fully prepared to get tingles all over once it finally hits newsstands as an insert to many of the top Canadian fashion magazines – goose bumps and tingles.

In the meanwhile, here’s a ‘behind the scene, but yet we are smiling for the camera and posing’ photograph taken from Totem Brand Stories Facebook page. (Do feel free to like them, just today they posted a song I’ve been singing but couldn’t name – so mystery solved!)

Et voila, here is the picture! (Mind you, the dress is too large, but they’d removed the clips at this point.)

Have yourself a beautiful day. 😉 And that (the picture and photo shoot – read about it here) was my writer’s rush!

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