Writing in action

Posted on March 24, 2012

Things are happening, and I’m well pleased. While not adding to a blog can suggests a person is disconnecting from their subject, rest assured that in this case it just means I’m busy. And busy is good!

A few new projects have come down the pipeline about which I’m stoked. One involves writing for a fantastic start up business that will link mentors to mentees – I’ve been welcomed onto a dynamic team and the lady heading this project is full of vision and vigour. All this came from the power of networking, and I’m completely impressed with the process of exchanging cards with follow up conversations.

Another is this article for the Look Good Feel Better Magazine’s 20th Anniversary called Lives Affected by Cancer  — I’ll be writing about the hugely important subject of sexuality after cancer. The impact is gigantic, and yet the conversation never rises above a whisper on this subject. People, we need to talk about SEX. And I’m on a mini-mission to raise the subject amongst survivors. If we can talk about it after the strain (though it doesn’t all go away, that’s true) then people newly diagnosed can realize their upcoming challenges.

And then I’ve been digging into social media as well, and will be promoting a couple companies online – connecting them with like minded people, spreading the word about their awesome concepts and, well, trying to stir up conversation. Conversation is a good thing, and Social Media Land is a great place to spark interest.

Once the magazine article is published I’ll link it through this page for curious readers. And in the meanwhile, I need to start pitching my story to more magazines. At the photo shoot this past week, I was offered a contact – so I’m totally stoked to follow that up.

Things are happening and it feels so good! Wooohooo!