Read to Write

Posted on October 13, 2011

One thing I’ve heard over and over again: if you’re going to write, you need to read. And since reading is such a pleasure, this isn’t a problem.  I really appreciate an author’s sensibility; it’s fascinating to unravel (and bask in) their style. This blurb is about learning from a novel – not just having a bubble bath and diving into a good* read.  Here is what’s on the go:

Book review of Chef Michael Smith’s Kitchen

Okay – talk about reading to write. In this case without the reading, there would be no writing. And why is that? It’s because I wrote a book review.  And that’s a first.

Honestly, you might ask whether a literary event blog even wants a cookbook reviewed – but I’d argue that every project has its story, and the review was presented to an audience that often searches out those needed moments of inspiration. Heck, that’s Michael Smith’s subtle philosophy throughout the entire cookbook (between the yummy food bits, I mean), he wants you to craft a story. And in the meanwhile, he touches upon his local roots, and the food itself is basically poetry.

Anyhow – Don’t tell, show.  So here is the review.

Follow this link for a little delicious reading. (I got the Chef to sign my copy, and it’s going to my little brother for Christmas.)

Book reviewing gets two thumbs up. While there’s considerably more pressure to be intelligent, it’s great to engage in another person’s work. And I really enjoy the opportunity to discuss writing with an audience and see how different people react. Like Michael Smith was suggesting – we take the book and make our own story.

So, more reviews to come. Keep an eye out 😉


*Though I do love a nice bubble bath.