Writing in action

Posted on July 14, 2011

This window is for my writing in action news, becuase I love being involved in the world of literary creativity. Whether it’s writing group, submissions, online forums or literary festivals. Getting involved is cool.

The rejection risk: two sided coin

Here I am stuck (vacationing) in the middle of Hungary, training it location to location and trying to snatch glimpses of internet access. This, overall, makes marketing Narrative Nipple a challenge. So now I need to ask: how on earth to do I make this relevant to others? I’ve toyed with the idea of approaching BC ladies individually and asking for their support, particuarly those I know from facebook and twitter, and I guess it never hurts to at least ask . . . though I am a bit nervous about their responses.

But Iike I was saying the other day on The Daily Breast, if you’re going to join in, you gotta take the risk. NarNip needs to start risking rejection, just like people would if they submitted to the site. I guess, in the world of literary online magazines, rejection is a two-sided coin. We might reject your story (or not), but you might reject our concept (hopefully not). Though you know, I guess everyone who starts their own business, charity, self-promoted anything risks not being accepted.

So, with this in mind, I’m going to send off an email right now. I’ve got my eye on a few possible contributors, and if I’m lucky they’ll be excited to get on board.

Ok, no more blogging! I’m off to write an email.