Writing in action

Posted on April 20, 2011

This window is for my writing in action news, becuase I love being involved in the world of literary creativity. Whether it’s writing group, submissions, online forums or literary festivals. Getting involved is cool.

Narrative Nipple: Breast cancer goes literay.

Okay, well – lately I have my fingers stuck into several honey pots. The clover kind, the eucalyptus  kind, the generic kind, the ‘get off your butt and get to work’ kind. And it’s pretty sweet (if not slightly overwhelming) stuff. I mean, these are exciting times. Spring has arrived, I’ll be doing a huge move soon, cancer is over, blogging has begun, the writing is HAPPENING, and amongst all this I’ve had an idea percolating for a literary online magazine that celebrates the creativity of those who have had (or are related somehow to) breast cancer. “Breast cancer goes literary” That’s my tagline.

And being a woman of the 21st century (slash, being addicted to the internet) I turn to Google for assistance.  Search terms: How to start an online literary magazine.

Ugh.  24,000,000 results. Where to start? How about the first link – and work my way downward. Anyhow after having gone through several of these sites, I feel essentially in the same place but maybe with a couple kernels of potential useful information. So.  A few bits of info plus my personal experience (I’ve seen literary magazines, I’ve read literary magazines, I’ve even edited both a literary anthology and an online collaboration of creative work for the Creative Writers of the University of Southampton) . . . is that enough?

We shall see.

First thing first: Find a name. DONE. NarrativeNipple. Some may say it’s crass, but I say it’s class. Fun should be in a name, and besides, I read that your name is meant to reflect your aspired tone. I aspire to produce a gallery of literary creativity that is fun and insightful. Besides, if cancer teaches anything, it’s not to take life so heavily – lightness is a blessing.

Second thing second: Write a mission statement. Who is NarrativeNipple? What does it want from life? If it were a drink, would it be sweet, tangy, hot, cold, alcoholic or juice filled? Chances are it’d be a large glass of lemonade with strawberries and mint floating across the top. Sour yet sweet and ultimately refreshing. So I pulled out the old word file and wrote myself a mission statement. That led to a list of submissions I’d be happy to consider, which led to an attempt at terms and conditions.

Oy. The details! Love ideas, not crazy for details. However, like everything else, I will wade through this tip-toe language and pull out a hopefully clear message on what Narrative Nipple is, what it accepts, and what acceptance implies (i.e. terms and conditions).

I’m thinking of producing this e-zine through tumblr, since it’s great for displaying content in a non-traditional blog format,  which I’d very much like to avoid. I’ve found a cool theme that could work well for displaying people’s work.

Anyhow, it’s a labour of love. Next up (after the proofreading of my statement, and submission terms) comes the slightly more tricky stage: CONTENT. Who, what, where, why? We shall see . . .