Writing in action

Posted on February 26, 2011


This window is for my writing in action news. Lately it’s all been cancer this and cancer that – but I still love to be involved in the world of literary creativity. Whether it’s writing group, submissions, online forums or literary festivals. Getting involved is cool.

Latest endeavours:

Cloud messenger book launch

Aamer Hussein, a talented writer of short stories and poetry, has written a full length novel, with which I plan a full-length reading (break out the bubble bath!). His language is always so rich and poetic – you can almost taste the page as he describes, say, a sliced orange; the details of his written worlds are engrossing (check out his last book, ‘Another gulmohar tree‘ for some delicious reading). The book launch is set for next week, so I’ll update you on that later. In the meanwhile I’m booking the train and picking out my dress. Very exciting! You never know what madness can happen when writers meet for a bottle(s) of wine and some fresh writing.

A friend and I will be ditching work early to catch the train down to London. It was either drive or take the train, obviously the latter is a far more romantic option – with the clackity clacking and freedom to stare out the window (rather than the highway signs indicating you’ve missed the last exit – stress!). If only it were less expensive, then trains would rule this world as a primary method for travel. I love that clackity clack.

Aamer was my professor during my MA, and it’s thanks to his gentle prods that my taste for the literary and creative really flourished. First day of class he passes me a book and asks for the first sentence on the page to be read aloud. It was a beautiful line and I still remember the rhythm of the words. [Yes! Having checked my school notebooks, I’ve actually found the phrase – wonderful.]  “Just once in my life — oh, when have I ever wanted anything just once in my life?” (a la Amy Hempel, I believe) Until that moment I really felt like an imposter in the creative writing group. I didn’t have anything published, I wasn’t working on a novel, and my writing experience extended to one class in high school and a lifelong dedication to journal scribbling. But that gentle push to read aloud forced me to stop hiding in silence and become part of the group. Small thing, but reaching consequences.

It’s wonderful to see people succeed, and it will be wonderful to witness the launch of this new novel. Heads up London, I’m coming for you!